Body Mods Under Fire

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Senator Missy Irvin has sponsored a bill entitled “AN ACT TO LIMIT BODY ART PROCEDURES; AND FOR OTHER 10 PURPOSES” subtitled “TO LIMIT BODY ART PROCEDURES”. It passed Arkansas Senate by a landslide and is on its way to the house. The wording is vague and depending on interpretation could outlaw body modification in general.

Jake Reynolds - Artist For Blue Lotus Tattoo in Madison, WI

Jake Reynolds – Artist For Blue Lotus Tattoo in Madison, WI

I can hear you saying, “I don’t live in Arkansas.” or “I don’t care about body mods, so this doesn’t affect me.” First off, defend the rights of those who do care. Secondly, bills like this set precedent the government can tell us what we can cannot do with our most precious possession, our bodies. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it starts with dermals and scarification and can move into unhealthy food and drink. It removes personal responsibility. You shouldn’t eat junk and fast food all the time. You will do yourself damage. However, every now and then it’s a great treat. Just because some individuals in society eat themselves to death does not mean the government needs to reach into everyone’s life and dictate what we eat and we should not be cowed into thinking this a good way to operate a society.

Now obviously there needs to be oversight in the body modification industry just as the FDA watches over what we consume, but that is the other danger of bills like this. If you make body modification illegal it doesn’t go away. It goes underground. There are many laws in place on the industry insuring artist, piercers, and the like are held accountable. Sterilization of equipment, licensing, testing, first aid, aftercare training, health inspections, age limits, consent forms, etc. The list goes on and on what a parlor must go through to operate. If you take away the right of these law abiding shops to trade their skills and wares, criminals will provide the desired services. Kitchens and basements across the country will become populated with tattooing machines and piercing needles. No one will insure the needles are clean and single use. No one will make sure people know how to take care of their modification as to avoid infection.  No one to keep impulsive thirteen year-olds from permanently altering their body.

If someone wants to use their body as a canvas to display art, that is their prerogative. We need to nip legislation like this in bud before more liberties come under fire. Keep a sharp eye in your own state for these kind of bills. They start with the fringes of society and slowly encompass us all. Call, email, mail, Missy Irvin in protest. Let her know our bodies are just that, ours.

Senator Missy Irvin (R)
P. O. Box 106, Mountain View, 72560

Senator Irving

Senator Irving

Phone 870-269-2703
District 18
Seniority Number 13
Occupation Marketing Director
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Public Service Senate 2011, 2013 Asst. President Pro Tempore

Drive fast. Take chances. Thanks for reading.



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