10 Reasons to Turn Your Heat Down this Season

Need some reasons to turn that thermostat down this season? Here are 10 tangible benefits to remind yourself of when you throw on that second sweater.
188262_10150095238081780_2962435_n (1)

1. That hot shower in the morning is that much more enjoyable.

2. Increased desire to work out (push-ups, sit ups, etc) to raise body temperature, not to mention you don’t have to crash diet when the sun does come back.

3. Hot drinks like tea, coco, and coffee significantly increase in pleasure.

4. Cheese doesn’t get all weird and rubbery if it sits out for awhile (during a movie for instance).

5. Pizza takes less time to not burn the crap out of your mouth.

6. Cuddling is a guaranteed by product.

7. It’s not such a shock when you go outside.

8. Air isn’t so dry.

9. Your bed becomes a sanctuary.

10. You save a ton on energy helping your pocket book and the Earth!


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