Tim Lambesis – growing more brutal at 32

A moster among men, Tim Lambesis commands his frothing masses.

A moster among men, Tim Lambesis commands his frothing masses.

At 2 PM on May 7th Tim Lambesis, frontman of the highly acclaimed metal act As I Lay Dying, was arrested at a Barnes and Nobel in Oceanside San Diego on suspicion of soliciting first degree murder. The San Diego police department became aware of Lambesis’ alleged need of a hitman last Thursday, May 2nd. The proposed target, his estranged wife, Meggan Lambesis. The police quickly set up a sting operation to avert future tragedy. Lambesis reportedly solicited an undercover detective to kill his wife. After affirming Tim’s intentions the undercover officer identified himself as a police officer and took Lambesis into custody without incident.

Metal Blade Records, As I Lay Dying members, and Lambesis have been unavailable for comment. It is unclear if Tim has secured a lawyer at this time. Solicitation of murder is a felony regarded as first degree murder. Under California law my fall under first-degree felony-murder law – Penal Code 189 PC. What this means  is while Lambesis did not intend to commit the murder he intended to set in motion the events which would lead to Meggan’s death. If convicted Lambesis faces any or all following penalties

– twenty-five (25) years to life in California state prison,
– life in California state prison without possibility of parole, or
– the California death penalty.

The second and third of these penalties may only be imposed if the felony murder qualifies as so-called special circumstances murder under California law. The special circumstances murder is slightly arbitrary including the murder and torture of a police officer to drive by shootings. It is unlikely Lambesis will be charged with the special circumstances murder since it is more difficult to prove he intended something more sinister than “just murder”.

AILD has just returned from a tour in China and is scheduled for the Killswitch Engage: Disarm The Descent Tour in the up coming months. Needless to say it is likely these dates will be cancelled. No word on refunds for pre-purchased tickets. Other bands on the tour are Miss May I and Affiance.

Meggan Lambesis, who lives in nearby Encinitas with their two adopted children from Ethiopia, has not been reached for comment. She began the process to file for divorce in September according to public record.

For more info on As I Lay Dying refer to The Rave without MDMA.


Drive fast. Take chances. Thanks for reading.



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