First Long Haul of the Year

me bike 2

I am riding about 1,100 miles on a bicycle this summer from Texas to Wisconsin. Obviously this is not something you just jump into so I have a few trips planned as warm ups. The first will be a friendly 103 mile jaunt from the middle of Madison to Mequon or perhaps the far east side of Milwaukee depending on where there is a sleeping couch and shower. Look for the Milestone ticker to see how close it is to the right.

I’ll be headed through the thriving metropolis of Cottage Grove via Fireman’s park where I will hopefully find some water. If not then the next stop is in the even more grandiose Deerfield, where I will use the socialist service of the library to get water, use the restroom, charge my phone, use WiFi to make a quick tweet, FB status, and WP post. If I’m lucky there will be some sort of meeting with coffee and cookies. Life in this commie country is tough sometimes.

At this point I will have been on the Glacial Drumlin Trail for about 10 miles (it starts right outside Cottage Grove near as I can tell) and continues on for another 30 or so miles skirting my way past Lake Mills, Aztalan State Park (home of the “Princess Burial Mound”), and Jefferson on the Rock River until I reach the fifty mile mark for the day.

At this point I will set up camp in “wild” or “stealth” fashion. For those of you who do not know wild or stealth camping: camping where you may not be wanted or even possibly illegal. I have done my research and feel confident I will be camping in the most sensible, respectful, and legal way possible given the circumstances. Rules for wild camping: Basically don’t call attention to your self by lighting fires and the like. Cover your reflectors. Don’t go on land marked “No Trespassing” etc. If you see a home, ask! You may even get a free meal out of it. If you are near a town call the police and ask if there is a place to pitch a tent for the night. If not, let them know where you are anyway, just incase “sumtin’ bad gonna hap’n to ya” We’ve all see horror flicks and 127 Hours. It’s your life. Don’t be stupid.

I have chosen a large grove of trees seen via satellite (think of how cool that is. Seriously. Stop reading for minute and think about that) just off the Glacial Drumlin Trail that hopefully will be state land or at the very least not posted “No Trespassing”. I will call the Village of Dousman’s Police to see if there is a better place to set up camp in the town about three miles away. After a meal I will bed down for the night in a single person tent.

The next morning I will be up bright and early. My first stop will likely be the Dousman BP for food and water unless there is something better on the cheap. Perhaps some dumpster diving at Denny’s Pizza.

Dumpster diving is the Second Hand Clothing store of food. Remember when your mother told you about the starving kids in Africa to get you to eat all your food? I’m making up for the people who didn’t take that to heart. We live in an opulent country. We throw away so much perfectly good to eat food, shrink wrapped to boot. Hurrah. More for me. Besides, how many of you bought a ‘za and left it on the counter over night and had a cold slice in the morning? As long as the box in the dumpster’s shut and dry… same thing (you who are grimacing). I digress, but I thought it merited explanation and defense.

From Denny’s Pizza I will continue for another 8 or so miles to a disc golf course  I can find almost no information on other than it’s address (420 Brandybrook Road Wales, WI 53183). Seems promising, I’m sure.

Sidenote: Please don’t call disc golfing “frolfing”. You shouldn’t play disc golf with a frisbee and you cannot play frisbee with a disc unless you are a masochist. “Dolfing” would be closer to correct, but it seems to indicate some bad behavior toward dolphins. You really don’t need to abbreviate two single syllable words into one two syllable word. Clap it out. “Want to go disc golf?” “Want to go frolfing?” Now that I have done my PSA for the day, moving forward.

After what I am hoping to be at least 18  holes and a water stop I will be back on the trail for another 50 miles going through Waukeesha (watch out golfers), splitting Wauwatosa and Brookfield, taking a hard right at Brown Deer ending in Mequon. Hopefully I will be able to shave about 10 miles of the trek by going directly to the East Side of Milwaukee. There is probably a bit more peril that way since the first way seems encompassed by gated communities and golf courses.

In any case it’ll be a fun and enlightening trip. I am open to advice and previous experience on the Drumlin Tail area. Remember, this is a test run. I operating it as though everything has gone wrong and I must subsist off nothing.

Here is a map of my route.

Drive fast. Take chances. Thanks for reading.



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