Suspect Arrested in Boston Bombing

There have been reports coursing through the web about a suspect being arrested. All major news sources reported this. However about 10 minutes ago CNN added

“(CNN) — [Breaking news update at 2:36 p.m. Wednesday]
There is conflicting information as to whether someone has been arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings. A federal law enforcement source told CNN’s Fran Townsend that someone was arrested. But later, two senior administration officials and another federal official told Townsend that there had been a misunderstanding among officials and that no one has been arrested.”

The person allegedly arrested identified through security video of him dropping a bag(s) where the second explosive was detonated. While the FBI is trying to reconstruct the devices there is nothing to indicate if they are of foreign or domestic design.

The three casualties have been positively ID’d.
U of Boston Graduate student Lingzu Lu, 23
Krystle Campbell, 29, of Arlington, Massachusetts
Martin Richard, 8, of Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Other than that there have been no new reported breaks in the search.


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